2006 Company Founded

2007 Market research for LG Electronics Czech

2008 Hyundai Amco consulting and coordination during HMMC project

2009 Joint venture with IPVL group


Partner with Electromont Brno(2nd largest Electric equipment company in Czech market)

Worked alongside HMMC  TM2

DSC Czech – New factory project commences(Land research, Design and Permit)

DAS Czech subsidiary established and the commencement of operational permit approval


Obtained EIA, Planning permit for DSC Czech

Obtained Operation Permit for DAS Czech factory

GS Caltex Czech subsidiary establishment and beginning of permit approval

CTP Invest Czech(No.1 Developer in Czech) initiation of new project design


Obtained Building permit for DSC Czech

Obtained EIA, Planning permit and Building permit for GS Caltex Czech

GS Caltex construction coordination

CTP Czech – competition of new project design

DSC – Began new Factory construction

LED comprehensive solution Biz start (Partnered with Fine Technix Korea)

Supplied LED GS Caltex


GS Caltex complete factory construction, operation permit

DRB Slovakia New warehouse construction coordination 

DSC Czech complete factory construction, completion of LED installation

completion of LED installation, replacement (Donghee Slovakia, Hanwha Czech)


Hanwha L&C Czech PH4 design & building permit

Hyunnam Slovakia New factory design & building permit

Dongwon Slovakia completion of LED installation

Hanwha L&C Czech construction coordination

Donghee Czech PH2 design, building permit contract & outset


Sungwoo Hitec tooling room remodeling

Donghee Czech completion of building permit

DRB Slovakia 2nd factory purchasing building lot & design permit outset