Location planning

Assist in providing suitable land for possible factory construction

    * Green field research

    * Brown field research

    * Existing plant Lease or research

Turn key LLC (Limited Liability Company) establishment and registration

Assistant in providing legal and tax services.

    * Legal advisement and consultations

    * Creation of legal documents necessary for LLC registration including Power of Attorneys

    * Liaision between State authorities, including legal courts and Trade License Offices

    * Establishment of new bank accounts for LLC

    * Provide a translation of all documents by a translator

    * Direct Assistance with all registration procedures

Relocation management services

Services include a range of internal business processes to help relocate employees, their families,

and/or entire departments of a business to a new location.

    * Visa and Immigration application

    * Area Orientation Tour

    * Assistance with new Home and Office locations

    * School Search