Hyundai-extention of the rest 

Period: 2010



“Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech (HMMC) which was established on 7th July 2006 spreads out on a 200-hectare area in the industrial zone of Nošovice. Total investment reaches 1.12 mld Euros.”

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Our company LE MARS GROUP played important role during formation of Czech brand. We directly participate through our professional partners on some construction work and Facility management. First of all we worked in extension of the Rest area and the Pit in the Bodyshop. All those work have been finished till the end of 2010.

“Since its establishment of its foundation in 1987, DAS has grown vastly over the years and currently have over 2800 employees. DAS has been united in their commitment to developing premium quality automotive seats.”

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LE MARS GROUP was helped to establish Czech brand. It means research factory for lease and assistance with all legal matters during the making contract. LE MARS GROUP took responsibility for Operation permit.