Hyundai - extention of lockroom and medical center.

Period: 2011.



“Since its beginning in 1945, DRB provided products and services enhancing customers´ stability and efficiency. DRB also contributed to the Korean economic development and public welfare thru providing necessities for people´s safety and comfort.”

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Excluding the building up a new factory unit our company LE MARS GROUP is also able to provide the reconstructive or remodelling all building through our professional partners, construction companies. The company LE MARS GROUP ensures brown field.

“GS Caltex supplied high-quality gasoline and other innovative products by continuously improving technology and investing in strategic R&D initiatives and projects.”

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Our company LE MARS GROUP participates in establishment Czech branch. We provide comprehensive include taking care about employee from Korea GS Caltex.

We researched Land for building up the new factory. Our services include all permits for factory (EIA, Planning permit, Building permit, Operation permit).

“Hanwha L&C Czech s.r.o. is a part of an international group Hanwha L&C with headquarter in South Korean Soul. Hanwha L&C is part of Hanwha Corporation group. Our core business is production of plastic parts for automotive industry and production of EPP (expanded poly-propylene) raw material (beads) for selling and internal usage.”

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Our company LE MARS GROUP was responsible for constructing the smooking shelter for the factory.